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Braid into Bun



Hair styles and how to do them! How amazing is

Try this style out an let me know how it goes.


9 thoughts on “Braid into Bun

  1. I thought this tutorial was so helpful, granted when I tried it it didn’t nearly look as good, buuuut I mean my hair is a lot shorter than hers too. Aside from that I really like this blog, can’t wait to see what else you post

  2. Awe this is super pretty! I would love to be able to do the sock bun, I’ve tried it once and it was sooo difficult with my layered hair cut. Maybe you can post some ways of styling your hair if you have layers? That would be so helpful! 😀

  3. This is really cute! I always feel like I should do more with my hair, so I’m going to try this out. I might have the same problem as some of the other people commenting, however. My hair also is shorter than hers! I might have to change it up a little bit.

  4. I have super curly hair and its a pain to deal with in the morning so I tried this out and I love it! I can never get the sock bun part but I just continue the braids all the way down and twist them at the bottom so they look like individual buns.

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