HOMEMADE HAIR DETANGLER (great for little girls with long hair) Here’s what you’ll need: A spray bottle/Hair conditioner of your choice/Water/ Here’s what you’ll do:1.  Fill your spray bottle two-thirds full with water. 2.  Add conditioner of your choice to finish filling the bottle. 3.  Shake the bottle well, making sure the conditioner and water are thoroughly mixed. 4.  Spray the mixture into your hair and comb as usual.


4 thoughts on “HOMEMADE HAIR DETANGLER for curly hair

  1. This is a really awesome tip! I would have never thought that making your own hair detangler would be that easy and inexpensive. I don’t personally have long hair but many of my friends do and they have been searching for a detangler that works! I am definitely doing to tell them about this trick!

  2. Yesssss. This is a very handy tip for the dressing room when preparing for shows with little girls. Thank youuu!

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