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Best Products To Use For Naturally Curly Hair

cream leave in mousee

I use these three products the most on my hair. The reason I use Garnier Fructis is because it is the only product that actually works for my hair. I have tried soooo many different products and believe me even the most expensive ones do not work on my hair or the “african american” hair products. I’m mixed and I have no idea what hair type I have. One day it wants to be very corse/dry and the others it wants to be very curly and smooth.

Since I was young I remember my mom trying all sorts of products on my head. I have even had Curl Activator in my hair (the stuff they use for S Curls) haha wow.. stuff used to drip all over the place.

Anyways, if you haven’t tried these three products I highly advise you to. They do not make your hair hard and crunchy, they do not make you have dandruff, and they SMELL AMAZING!

If you want to know how I use these products together stay tuned….

Comment below after using them to let me know how it goes!


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